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Mrs. Alexandra Paulino

Mrs. Alexandra Paulino

EFT Master Practitioner


EFT / Tapping

It was one evening in June 2010, during a very difficult period, that I saw an online reference about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I felt an immediate attunement in my body and knew I had to learn and practice this methodology and therapeutic technique. I had found what was missing.
And a new mission was born: to help others in their personal transformation.

I have been an EFT Therapist since 2012. I discovered a new point of view in EFT, more modern and more comprehensive. Since 2012, I have worked with hundreds of clients and each life I have touched with this modality has made me incredibly grateful.

In 2015, I brought to Portugal a rather different EFT course and two years later became a trainer in this methodology. I've been a trainer since 2016 and have given over 30 EFT courses. Since I first came into contact with this revolutionary healing methodology, I've been giving talks, interviews and spreading EFT around Portugal as much as I can.

I know that fully healing the past is an ongoing process that requires patience and investment. However, with EFT it is much faster and simpler to resolve! What I most desire is to work with trauma release and for people to experience the same profound changes that I have seen in my life and that millions of people around the world have witnessed. It is wonderful how traumatic memories lose their emotional charge and in the process, the positive is born: acceptance, forgiveness and peace.

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