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Ms. Elizabeth Solana Calabro

Ms. Elizabeth Solana Calabro

EFT Level 1, Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Sonoma, CA, USA

EFT / Tapping, Hypnotherapy

I have been an educator and learner most of my life. I have a bond and respect for the military community, having siblings and nephews and their families with current life long careers in the armed services. I have seen how beneficial EFT and Hypnosis has been for my clients and the effect it has made in changing their lives. These modalities are powerful. A process of forgiveness for others and self is a key to moving forward. I believe that the only limit to an individual's success are the limiting beliefs that are held in the mind. Unfortunately many of the messages and beliefs we hold in the mind are false. Misunderstandings, misread statements or comments that were not meant for the the listener, real or imagined, are roadblocks to moving forward in life. On a conscious level we make decisions and set goals which can only be met when limiting beliefs have been eliminated.
Hypnosis can eliminate those limiting beliefs.

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