Susan D. Stanko

Susan D. Stanko

BSN, RN, MSOM, Certified EFT Practitioner

Tucson, Arizona, USA

EFT / Tapping

First and foremost, I want to share with you why it is so important for me to be part of the Veterans Stress Project. My youngest brother, Capt. Charles William Cooper, was killed in a helicopter crash in the Saudi desert during the first Desert Storm Operation in 1991. He and his crew were on their 3rd rescue mission of the night, and were on their way back to base with three rescued Delta Force soldiers, one of which was seriously wounded. There was a sandstorm, no visibility, and they flew into a sand dune killing all 7 men. He had only been there 2 1/2 weeks, was a Nightstalker and proud of it, 33 years old and a father of two small children. Gone!

The reason I share this with you now is because there is another way we lose our loved ones, it’s when our service men and women return home with severe PTSD, causing them to struggle with the traumatic experiences of the casualties of war as if it was all still happening everyday, finding it impossible to return to a normal life again, just feeling overwhelmed and lost to themselves and their loved ones. It’s a helpless, out of control feeling. These reoccurring symptoms wreak havoc on our families, our relationships, our bodies, minds, and our health, and what contributes to the severity of this condition is that the Veterans often don’t get the help they need, and may suffer for decades without it unnecessarily.

I have been using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) since 1995, both professionally and personally. I know it works, and I trust it! When I first started using it Gary Craig, founder of EFT, couldn’t explain why it was so miraculous in being able to release the emotional charge of just about anything. Now decades later, research and technology can tell us exactly why it works, we have the proof!
I am committed to being part of the team of EFT practitioners all over the world who want to bring EFT into the mainstream for the people who need it the most. I want to share EFT with the Veteran population in this country in the memory of my brother Chuck. There are Veterans all over this country talking about their experience with EFT, and how it changed their lives, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let me share EFT with you, I’ll guarantee you won’t regret it!

Having said that, I continue to work with people from all walks of life with a variety
of emotional and physical issues as well. These days there seems to be a considerably higher level of stress, anxiety and depression as we navigate through the chaos of our lives trying our best to survive or just to stay on course. Once a person has had a session or two, it’s easy to understand the process, and practice EFT on yourself whenever the need arises. The results can be truly amazing!

My professional backgroundin the healthcare field, is forty-three years long I started as a BSN, RN from the University of Maryland School of Nursing ‘78. I worked in many different departments over the years, but ultimately was guided to be a hospice nurse. It was an incredible gift for me to be present with someone who is leaving this world, they taught me more than I ever imagined possible.
I have a degree in Five Element Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, Md., and Leamington Spa, UK, ’83. This was my initiation into this incredible medicine.
I have a MSOM, Master of Science in Oriental Medicine which is Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine from the Southwest Acupuncture College, Santa Fe, NM, 2006. This program was orientated to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and broadened my horizons and scope of my practice. I have had a private practice for many years. It is a beautiful medicine, that opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing and working with people. It was through this medicine that I truly, whole heartedly became a wholistic health practitioner and have been ever since.
I’ve studied many different modalities and therapies over four decades including but not limited to Reike, Touch for Health, Cranial Sacral, Zero Balancing, Energy Balancing, Shamanism, and Life Coaching, and I’m enormously grateful for all of these learning experiences, however the modality I am most committed to and passionate about, at this time of my life, is definitely EFT. I ‘ll say this again, I started tapping in 1995, twenty-six years ago, and have used it professionally and personally all along the way, it’s been like “old faithful” for me.

Thank you for showing up here, please, PLEASE don’t give up yet, there is still hope!
I look forward to working with you! Susan