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Volunteer to Support!

Thank you for your passion for helping veterans, and your interest in being listed on the Veterans Stress Solution web site.


It is important for the care and safety of veterans that you be competent to work with them. We accept practitioners with the following qualifications:

1.   Licensed Mental Health Professionals — such as social workers, psychotherapists, psychologists, etc.

2.   Licensed Medical Professionals —

such as doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, etc

3.   Certified Practitioners —

Unlicensed professionals such as coaches who have received training and certification, and spent at least 200 hours with clients in the successful application of their modality addressing emotional issues. Evidence based modalities include EMDR, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy and HeartMath.

4.   Certified Life Coaches —

Unlicensed professionals who have spent at least 200 hours with clients addressing emotional issues. Life coaches are required to refer clients whose issues fall outside their scope of practice to licensed practitioners. 


Free Sessions:  

We require that you are willing to provide at least 2 FREE sessions per Veterans and spouses who contact you. 

Intake form: 

You use an intake form that includes the name and contact information for the veteran’s mental health provider and primary care medical provider, so that you can contact these professionals if appropriate.


Support Primary Care:

You provide sessions that are supportive of, and complementary to the veteran’s primary care relationship. You are not in the role of a primary care provider. 

Psychological Trauma Training: T

You complete the Energy Trauma and Healing training program and online test. This takes 6 - 7 hours. Find the link here. Use the code VAPRO and the charge for this course will be waived. If you are a Clinical EFT practitioner certified by EFT Universe, you have already completed this requirement.


Liability Insurance for US Providers: 

If you practice in the US, you maintain liability insurance to participate in the Stress Solution. Inexpensive liability insurance is available from these providers.

Adding You to the Site:

Once you have completed these requirements, use the link below.  If we have any additional questions, we will contact you.

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