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Cornelia Mason

Cornelia Mason

Koror, Palau +680 775 5952

Speaks English & Palauan

EFT / Tapping


I first learned about and used EFT Tapping in Yokosuka, Japan, as a Navy Spouse. It was such a fast, powerful and practical solution to my situation. I continued to use it off and on. Once I returned to the states I found an EFT trainer and mentor locally in Northern Virginia. I used EFT to succeed in new unexpected careers twice! As a teacher and school administrator and as a life coach. I then started helping other spouses and women in the military to use EFT Tapping to improve various areas of their lives, career transitions, relationships, and business goals. I have now been an EFT Tapping coach and trainer in live training settings as well as online. EFT has vastly improved my life and the lives of many of my clients over the past 10 years. I’m eager to share it with others so they may live to their fullest potential with joy.

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