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Dr. Andrea Meier

Dr. Andrea Meier

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Speaks English

EFT / TAPPING, HeartMath, Life Coaching


No one knows better than military personnel that wars are disasters: for the people upon whom they are inflicted, and for the service men and women who are called upon to sacrifice for the causes proclaimed by governments. Even if they avoid physical harm, these people are in harm’s way for emotional traumatization that can last long after the specific engagements—by the betrayal of abuse by fellow soldiers. These traumas also afflict families when they are expressed as domestic violence. In recent conflicts, such as Afganistan, there have not been real victories to celebrate. Worse, men, women and transgender people in the military are coming home unrecognized for their service and often not provided with support for reintegrating into civil society. I want to offer my expertise as a life coach, EFT and HeartMath practitioner through Stress Solutions to help veterans heal and find ways to be truly “welcomed home” again in their bodies, minds, and communities.

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