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Dr. Candy Lewis Williams

Dr. Candy Lewis Williams

Dayton, Ohio, USA


EFT / Tapping, HeartMath, Life Coaching


My 2nd great-grandfather, was enslaved in the state of Tennessee. He joined the Colored Union Army to earned his freedom.
The tradition of military service carries six generations deep in my family into the present. To date I’ve counted a total of twelve warriors serving in four of the six branches of the U.S. Military.
My husband is retired Army, presently he is a VA Chaplain. My youngest son is also an Army veteran.
I am a former first responder with Ohio Task Force 1 K9 unit as well as Southwestern Ohio Search and Rescue (SWOSAR). My dog and I retired in 2005 after hurricane Katrina; we were deployable for six years.
During my involvement in search and rescue I learned the valuable skill of navigating terrain. Mastering the “compass” and knowing coordinates was essential to achieving the goal. Of course I would be remised if I didn’t mention my K-9 partner. Together we were able to clear assigned grids and become valuable members of our search team.

Today, it’s a new mission and I’ve mastered a different set of navigation tools:
Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Matrix Re-imprinting, HeartMath, Mediation and Health and Wellness Coaching.

Ok…Imagine the analogy of The Lotus Concept… this is how I like to describe the mission:
Navigating the mucky waters of life can be a challenge leaving one believing they don’t know which way is up or feeling they are stuck.
It’s the Lotus flower that taps into its inner knowing and power to make the journey from the muddy bottom.
It’s the Lotus flower that has the inner-compass and the coordinates to find the surface and bloom. The Lotus Concept is a journey of “resilience”. Read about The Inception of The Lotus Concept here.

I would consider it an honor to share these tools with a warrior such as yourself.
If you’re thinking we might make a “good fit” but have questions, book your free discovery session.

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