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Vandana Bhasin

Vandana Bhasin

Cllinical EFT Practitioner

Delhi, India

EFT / Tapping

The moment I learnt that it is important to look inside, was the biggest moment of transformation. This is where my healing journey took off. It went through many explorations, like mirror work, angel work, pranic healing, and finally it was through EFT that I saw a lot of relief creep into my body. I had developed slip disc and other problems and my health was just slipping away. So with EFT I brought in so many changes to my health, it was back on the upward trajectory. It was then I thought if I need to heal myself, I need to learn more and I got certified as a clinical EFT practitioner from EFT Universe. I have believed that if we reach down to the roots of the problem, it always gets resolved. So I help you create that healing space where you reach down to the roots and awaken your own power. I help you strengthen your inner core, relieving pain and fears and phobias.

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