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  • EFT / Tapping

    EFT/Tapping - EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a simple to use healing method with an 86% success for PTSD (Church et. al, 2013). If you are finding yourself unable to release or overcome persistent negative emotions, or having beliefs about yourself or others you would like to change, EFT is likely a good fit for you. It has been clinically studied and found highly effective for PTSD, phobias, and psychological ailments such as depression and anxiety. Once you learn the basics, you can even use EFT on your own. EFT involves memory recall while tapping on specific acupressure points of the body. If you are concerned about having to think or talk about an experience, don’t worry, there are techniques specifically designed to make sure the process feels safe and empowering to you. It is a client-led technique, so you are always in control.

  • Life Coaching

    Professional guidance by a Certified Life Coach- A life coach is a versatile mentor whose goal is to assist you to clear a path to where you want to be. They may focus on what areas of your life are imbalanced and use various techniques to help you clarify your goals and release old habits that may be in your way. You gain new skills and behaviors to support your alignment with your dreams. Life coaches are also an excellent accountability partner to guide you into action.

  • Clarity Call

    The Clarity Call was designed to introduce us to each other before booking full sessions. It is not a required step in order to book a full session, however, it may be a 1st step for those who are unsure and want to learn more. We will explain how we can help and answer any questions you have! This call can be on the phone or online via video and may last up to 30 minutes. Book this call as many times as you need in order to connect with the right provider you are comfortable with! Learn more about them on our "Provider Directory" page. Select, "Read More" to see a dedicated page and bio.

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  • | Stress Solution

    If this is an EMERGENCY & you can't wait 48 hours or more for support, use these options! Veterans Crisis Line one touch to connect 800-273-8255 and PRESS 1 OR Click here to be connected with a live Clinical EFT practitioner Continue to this site

  • Veterans Stress Solution for PTSD

    WELCOME all countries, all ages, all military status Number of Vets helped to date 21,951 THROUGH THIS WEBSITE We offer All Military Status and Veterans FREE sessions using Energy Psychology, a method which many therapists and coaches are using to help people with PTSD get their lives back. It has been validated in over 100 clinical trials. ​ No matter what country you are from or where you are, we are here for you! testimonials Schedule a FREE 15 minute Clarity Call NOW! Speak with one of our providers to learn more how EFT can help release PTSD & let us answer any questions you have before booking full free sessions! *Clarity calls are not required to book services with us, but may be a great 1st step towards your new self! Start Now! Let's Chat! Donate! "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way" Viktor Frankl CONSIGUE AYUDA Learn More CONSIGUE AYUDA Learn More CONSIGUE AYUDA Learn More Reproducir video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copiar Enlace Enlace copiado SUBSCRIBE TO OUR LIST and stay informed on ways we help! We value your privacy & never share your information. Includes free subscription to our awesome newsletter promotional e-list & you agree to our terms of use & privacy policy. submit Thank you for submitting!​

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